How Shelby Mobile Works

Shelby Mobile
Shelby Mobile is an app that can be installed from Apple's AppStore. The is free and is compatible with all iPhones running version 4.0 or greater. Once downloaded the app can be configured for each user with a username and password. Additionally, the hostname of the server running ShelbyWebServices along with the SSL port number can be configured. Once configured, the app can display any individual in the Shelby database (member, prospect, names, etc). Information such as name, address, phone numbers, family members, demographics, organizations, profiles, and special dates can be displayed for each individual selected. Click here to view screen shots.

Shelby Web Services
Shelby Web Services is an IIS web application that can run on either the same server or on a different server as the Shelby database. The web application is configured to require SSL in order to ensure secure and encypted communications with all devices. Shelby Web Services acts as a secure gateway between the mobile devices and the Shelby database. It does user authentiation for each request to ensure all devices are securely accessing database from the Shelby database. Shelby Web Services also provides a secure administration piece for activiting your license, managing users and viewing device activity. Shelby Web Services is installed on your server through an easy to use installer available via download. Click here to view screen shots of the user management feature of Shelby Web Services.

Shelby Database
The Shelby database is your existing Shelby database. During installation of Shelby Web Services, a database script is run that will add a couple Shelby Web Services specific tables and stored procedures to your Shelby database. These new tables and stored procedure function completely seperate and safely from your Shelby data and will in no way effect performance of your system.